Broadband technology and product news, March 2015
27 March 2015 by Saul Waldram
CityFibre completes first phase of FTTP rollout in York
CityFibre has announced that it has completed the first phase of its FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) rollout in York.....

Gigaclear Starts Build of 1Gbps Ultrafast Broadband in Rural Leicestershire
Pure fibre optic broadband provider Gigaclear has announced that they’ve exceeded their pre-order threshold for a group of rural villages in the Welland Valley area of Leicestershire.

Google's 'Project Loon' broadband balloons successfully trialled
Google’s Project Loon, which plans to seed the world with airborne internet access points, has so far exceeded expectations and apparently can even deal with high winds and blustery conditions.

Nearly Half of UK Councils Expect Superfast Broadband Target to Slip
A new survey of local authorities across the United Kingdom has claimed that 45% of councils are expecting the Government’s target of bringing fixed line superfast broadband to be missed.

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