Broadband technology and product news, January 2015
28 January 2015 by Saul Waldram
Gigabit fibre for rural Northamptonshire villages almost live
Gigaclear is pushing on with its roll-out and the latest batch of villages to go live are West Haddon, Ravensthorpe, Guilsborough and Coton in Northamptonshire.....

Westminster City Council Calls for Better Business Broadband
The Westminster City Council in central London has added its voice to the growing calls for local businesses to be given access to better broadband connectivity.

Synology Introduces RackStation RS815+, RS815RP+, and DiskStation DS2415+
These powerful NAS servers are designed to provide speedy encryption performance, scalability on the fly, and high return on investment for growing small medium and businesses.

Netgear launches three powerful new products
New chassis series with unmatched capabilities; wireless controller for higher density environments; high-performance rackmount ReadyNAS for demanding environments.

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