devolo Launch dLAN LiveCam HomePlug Camera
Posted 01 November 2012 by Stuart Young, Views (2410)
Image of Devolo dLAN LiveCam HomePlug IP Camera with app

devolo has launched the first dLAN Powerline-based camera with the devolo dLAN LiveCam HomePlug IP Camera. Internet-based video monitoring has never been this easy - the LiveCam's video stream can be accessed globally via the free dLAN Cockpit app for smartphones and tablets. Thanks to innovative Powerline data transmission technology, no video cabling is necessary; the image signal is sent stably and securely via a building's electrical wiring. Whether it's the a room in the house, home office, garden or garage - the dLAN LiveCam can be used flexibly anywhere a power outlet is available.

Whether you are looking to monitor your own property, as a camera for interior spaces, or as a video extension to a baby monitor - the devolo dLAN LiveCam HomePlug IP Camera can be used in many applications. The Powerline camera can be set-up in no time at all because it just needs to be connected to an available power outlet.

The LiveCam's video stream can be received across the globe on smartphones or tablets - regardless of whether at the workplace, on holiday or while visiting neighbours. The dLAN Cockpit app provides a particularly simple display on smartphones. For iOS and Android tablets, there is also a high-resolution variant of the free app. Both versions provide playback of the video stream, saving screenshots and fine-tuning image quality.

The dLAN LiveCam can be set-up and ready for operation within a few minutes. After selecting the setup location and connecting the LiveCam to the mains supply, you only need to download the free devolo app, dLAN Cockpit, from the iTunes Store and/or the Android Market. Furthermore, up to seven dLAN LiveCams can be used in a single household for comprehensive home monitoring.

"dLAN Powerline is the ideal backbone for home networking. It reliably connects all internet-capable devices in a home," explains Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "devolo is known for this simple home networking. With the dLAN LiveCam we are now establishing an initial smart home product in the dLAN system. To date we have enabled Internet-capable devices to be networked using Powerline products - now we are showing what innovative solutions are possible with integrated Powerline technology. With that in mind, the LiveCam is the first step into the smart home segment."

With their proven Powerline technology, devolo guarantees video transmission throughout the home that is as secure as it is simple. Thus, the devolo dLAN LiveCam HomePlug IP Camera can be connected to any power outlet throughout a home without second thought - regardless of whether in the basement, the living room or on the roof. A broadband Internet connection is required to stream the camera's videos. The dLAN LiveCam can also be 'shared' by specifying an individualised password. This makes it possible, for example, to grant friends temporary access to your LiveCams so they can house-sit from afar. Moreover, multiple smartphones and tablets can access one camera simultaneously, so that, for example, the whole family can use the home video network.

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About devolo
devolo AG is the leading European company on the market in Powerline communication solutions. The company's core product is dLAN, a technology that allows flexible networks via existing wiring like electrical and coaxial lines. Powerline solutions are employed in private households as well as commercial environments and they lead the way in future-oriented energy data distribution and home automation. For more information about devolo products, please click on the related link above.

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