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Unbreakable encryption closer after quantum breakthrough

Toshiba, ADVA Optical Networking and BT have announced a breakthrough in new encryption technology, successfully securing 200GB/s of data over a 100km length of fibre using quantum cryptography.....

Sky switches on first ultrafast broadband

Sky has connected the first home to its new ultrafast broadband network in York. The fibre service will make 1Gb speeds available to thousands of premises in the city in the near future.

'Data overload' leaving UK users stressed

Information analysts Esri UK has released new findings saying that we are facing a “data overload” and are struggling to deal with the huge amounts of information at our fingertips.

Image of Virgin Media

Virgin Media bumps broadband speeds up to 200Mbps

With a £3 billion investment in its network, Virgin Media is looking to connect homes up and down Britain to its network for the first time.