NETGEAR DGND4000 N750 Simultaneous Dual-Band ADSL2+ & Fibre Broadband WiFi Router (750Mbps N)

NETGEAR DGND4000 Front View
NETGEAR DGND4000 Rear View
NETGEAR DGND4000 Connectivity Diagram
Mfr# : DGND4000-100UKS
Quick : 13058
Due 19 October 2012
£83.29 ex vat

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Reviewed by Chris Hornewood,
4 of 5 stars 4 stars
Easy setup and much improved menu system. Printer server works fine for Epson SX435W scanner and printer. Readyshare is a huge bonus. you can ftp, https, or http, from anywere inside and outside your network - anywere with internet. For extra Bonus the cloud access is worth a look if you want things kept simple over your Tinternet.

Disappointing wireless range over 2.4GHz b/g/n Not tried 5G yet. I expected an improvment over my old DG834PN. Menu system a little slow to refresh and load. If you want to password protect your readyshare usb drive then you can only use your router login password and username. Thats a bit of a security risk me thinks. This needs fixing in a new firmware update as soon as possible. So the cloud storage is the only secure way for me untill this is sorted out.Rebooting the Router wipes away all your Traffic meter results ?. And there is no save feature for those logs on current firmware
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DGND 4000

Reviewed by The Cords,
5 of 5 stars 5 stars
I don't think these new netgear modem/routers are that common yet. Broadbandbuyer had one in stock and my older 3300 has started to play
up, so thought I'd give it a go. Initial set up and getting back online has been very straightforward, a little too early to tell how much 'better' or not, it is than the 3300 it replaces but good so far.
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Very flaky

Reviewed by Steve,
1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Upgraded to this from a DG834N (v1) - although that had the odd power issue this new modem needs rebooted almost every other day. The most common problem is that the Wifi just drops out and nothing can connect - I know there are reported iOS 6 issues, but this affects my iPhone 4, 5 and iPad 3. Rebooting the I-devices does nothing, only way to solve it is a hard restart of the router. I've also experienced the odd problem where Internet connectivity is lost. The modem continues to report a status of 'good', and again a hard restart solves it.

Needs another firmware update or 2 before I can recommend it (currently on
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What A Waste Of Money

Reviewed by Adrian,
1 of 5 stars 1 stars
I bought this based on a recent review in PC Pro magazine and so far it's absolute rubbish. My ISP supplied router is twice as fast on it's wireless connection at 2.4Gz, even if my la[top is right next to it.

£110 for basically something that is half as fast as I had. It's been unplugged whilst I work out what to do with it.
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Good qality home network router

Reviewed by Charlie,
4 of 5 stars 4 stars
Easy to setup router, though the vertical foot stand is glued on but with a little force you can snap the glue and it will eventually come off.

The GUI is OK, it's relatively fast but not the most attractive looking, often with labels way over on the left and the corresponding input fields way over on the right of the screen. Rather odd, really.

Performance so far seems fine.

The package includes a printed addendum for Be/O2 users as the ADSL auto-setup wizard isn't working with current firmware. Manual setup however is a breeze (although the addendum says to use VPI/VCI 0/101, static IP users should use 0/102, and can have the router auto-assign IP details rather than manually enter IP/gateway/mask/DNS settings).

Specifying the old O2 router MAC address as the Netgear ADSL interface got me online in no time (otherwise you need to wait for the old MAC lease to expire after 59 minutes).

Unfortunately this Netgear router doesn't support SNMP, which so far is the only downer. It's got some built-in traffic monitoring, but its not
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Reviewed by Jonathan Bray - PC Pro,
5 of 5 stars 5 stars
It takes a fair bit to make a router stand out, but the Netgear DGND4000 has managed it: it’s one of only a handful of routers to support both ADSL and cable connections. This means you can buy it, safe in the knowledge that if you want to switch services in the future, you won’t have to dump your router.

This isn’t the only area in which the Netgear excels, though. There’s dual-band concurrent 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless, which run at 300Mbits/sec and 450Mbits/sec respectively. There are four Gigabit Ethernet ports at the rear, a pair of USB 2 sockets for sharing storage or a printer, and the full range of buttons and switches for power, WPS and wireless functions.

We also like that the router can be quickly associated with an OpenDNS account for powerful category-based website blocking, via a free service Netgear calls Live Parental Controls.

Setting this up is easy: download the management utility from the Netgear website, run through the wizard, and the router will be linked with an OpenDNS account, allowing you to block adult-related sites with varying degrees of strictness.

You can even use the online Live Parental Controls to set up blocks of time and link them with different filter levels, so that, say, late at night, your network isn’t restricted at all, and during the day all adult sites are blocked.

The DGND4000’s web UI isn’t particularly attractive, but it’s responsive and easy to understand. It provides access to the broadest array of features of any router we've seen. There’s support for wireless repeating, user-configurable QoS controls, guest networks, and app support for Android and iOS devices. You can use the mobile apps to manage the router’s various functions, from altering the wireless channel to setting up parental controls and temporary guest access, and browse the folder structure of connected USB disks.

Performance isn’t bad, either. At close range, we recorded average speeds of 17.8MB/sec over 5GHz and 13.8MB/sec over 2.4GHz, results that place the router firmly among the fastest routers we've tested. The router’s 5GHz long-range performance is decent too, maintaining 2.2MB/sec in our demanding file-transfer tests. Long-range 2.4GHz performance is found wanting, but USB transfer speeds were excellent, with an average rate of 14.1MB/sec over a wired connection, and we found no issues with the router’s ADSL performance.

The Netgear DGND4000 has few weaknesses. Its all-round performance is good, even taking into account that long-range 2.4GHz weak spot, and in terms of features it can’t be beaten. The only thing that prevents it from topping the A List is that its main rival – the Asus DSL-N55U – has better long-range performance.

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Netgear DGND 4000 N750

Reviewed by Susan Easton,
4 of 5 stars 4 stars
This Netgear DGND 4000 N750 is a DSL compatible for use on a talk talk broadband line , although the info booklet could have been more helpful &
up todate , once up and running it surpassed all expectations and actual improved speeds above an older Netgear DG834G which after 8 years expired;
allowing 2 x laptops and an iPod to be used all at the same time - something that previously was not possible and at best only one laptop and
a very slow iPod -but speeds slowed to freeze out .Would recommend this model / product after checking info etc. from their agents Broadband Buyer and purchasing from them , found them very helpful and informed ; considering we are not totally computer literate apart from
being O.A.P's .

At the moment talk talk are our only broadband providers costing us monthly £15.99 with only 1/2 Mbyte at " BEST ?? " so the purchase of this
Netgear DGN 400 N750 will allow us much faster speeds when we re-locate to a more affluent society which utilizes fibre optics speeds nearer to what is now accepted as normal - not rural / outdated .
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DGND4000 N750 - Far too unreliable. Google it!

Reviewed by Jeff Citizen,
1 of 5 stars 1 stars
I had high hopes for the DGND4000 N750 and it started off out the gates like a bullet but before the day was out I had experienced 2 lockups. It has now become a daily occurrence.

Everything attached to the wi-fi or LAN loses net as the unit goes into a coma. Nothing for it but to cycle the power. You can't even get into it to check the log and that gets erased when the power is cycled. When it IS working, it's the bee's knees - but who needs a dead box halfway through download or video call?

Netgear support cheerfully try to help but obviously pay no attention to the multitudes of complaints on Google about this demon spawn. Keep looking for something better till Netgear does some serious re-work.
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Very satisfied

Reviewed by Caroline,
5 of 5 stars 5 stars
Delighted with the product and hugely impressed by customer service. I wasn't sure what I wanted/needed, so telephoned... and got straight
through to a human being who advised me promptly and efficiently and had an excellent level of knowledge - both of available products and of the
features of the older router which I was replacing. Would definitely use this company again.
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Netgear DGND4000 poor for homes with solid walls

Reviewed by David Thomas,
2 of 5 stars 2 stars
I wish I had read the reviews for this product before buying. Wireless range on this router is very poor. Perhaps not built for UK homes with solid walls? Difficult getting any connection through just one solid wall. Able to compare to my previous Belkin router which though not 'good' was much better than this 'advanced' router. I'm selling my DGND4000 on ebay, its that bad.

When I look back at previous routers, I think that the best ones are those with long external antennas, not the latest trend for the embedded ones. But I'm not an expert, so this is just subjective. Don't recommend this product unless you live in an open plan flat or have stud and plasterboard walls. Only positives are that the ADSL connection is stable and gigabit wired transfers work fine, but then those are fairly basic requirements so it should be capable.
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Agree ~ Very flaky

Reviewed by M Rees,
2 of 5 stars 2 stars
When this router works as advertised it is frankly brilliant. n particular, the wireless configuration options are magic, the DNLA works, my external USB drive becomes part of my basic network etc etc.

BUT it is just not reliable.

There were 2 aspect of "the spec" to which I was particularly attracted:

1. The ability NOT to have to buy another router when I made the change from ADSL to DSL.

2. Two USB connections to allow the sharing of a 2TB Usb Drive and the possibility of this router becoming my print server.

The two (unrelated ?) snags are:

* When the ADSL link "drops" the router seems to be unable to reconnect without a Hard Reset !

* In a similar vein, and at separate times, the router fails to keep its link to the USB drive. (To re-establish the connection, requires the drive to be unplugged and plugged back in again!)

Netgear are "engaged" (at 2nd level support!) but no detailed respose yet.
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Reviewed by Richard,
3 of 5 stars 3 stars
Router seemed to be what I thought would be, was easy to set up, WiFi seemed strong around the house held on to the ADSL connection (no drop outs) Unfortunatly it had to be returned as the VPN termination did not work, after a lot of talk with Netgear was informed that it does not suppor4t VPNs it only has a passthrough. The router has the wizard and setup options just like my old DGND3700 (which VPN termination works) so maybe in future if an update alows VPNs then might change but as of now not the router for me. (sticking with the old DGND3700 for now).
Good router if you do not need the router to be the VPN's endpoint did not try the passthrough as I use the Netgear Prosafe client.
Netgear needs to improve on its support has this lets them down.

Must add to this everyone at Bradband has being very helpful right from the initial order to retun of the product (a full refund) 2nd time have used them and will not be the last.
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Unreliable in dual band mode

Reviewed by robert,
1 of 5 stars 1 stars
Had 2 of these, worked with Netgear to try and resolve - upgrade firmware to latest asap, but still drops the signal say typically 6 times in 48 hours. I was using both wireless band and wired. What would happen, more often than not, is that both wireless networks would fail, but IPCONFIG showed as woking. If I then went into the Netgear GUI via wired, the wired connection would then faul too,

Under instruction from Netgear I ran with 5GHZ turned off, and the thing was stable for 96 hours. Netgear offered me a beta firmware under a very one sided contract. Bearing in mind the amount of time I had wasted, I was not prepared to do it. Clearly Netgear have know about this problem for over a year - so how can one have any confidence, otherwise they surely would have relaesed a proper firmware upgrade?
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Evolution stutters for Netgear modems

Reviewed by michael kenward,
3 of 5 stars 3 stars
I have used Netgear products ever since the launch of ADSL broadband in the UK. So I have seen the gradual evolution of Netgear's modem/routers. This is the first time that I sense that the interface is more complex and harder to navigate than what went before. Maybe I am just more familiar with the simple web page. The "genie" just takes too long to dive down to where you want to get.

This one also took longer than most to setup. I have this down to a fine art. Usually it takes a few minutes. Plug in, turn on, fill in ADSL password, and you are on-line in a couple of minutes.

This one was much longer. I was first confused by the sockets on the back. There simply is too little to distinguish between the ADSL socket and the "wired broadband" (Ethernet WAN) socket. No symbols or anything by the sockets, just stickers on the bottom. I started off with the wrong one.

When the box is up and running, the lights on the front no longer provide a visual indicator of what they stand for. No more green light behind the appropriate LAN indicator. In fact, only one light to tell you that there is a LAN connection. Much less useful. You have to go into the web interface to check this.

Finally there is the massive power brick. Netgear has always been good at producing small power supplies. Now we get the usual large block that comes with just about every other product. In operation then modem/router is fine. It has breathed life back into my internet connection, following the gradual failure of my not very old DGN3500.

The claims of greater range fore the wifi seem to be exaggerated. Bit it does the job, albeit at a price that put this beyond the value-for-money range. I hope no one bought this expecting access to ReadySHARE Cloud. They killed this off at the beginning of the month.

"Since March 2014, this site no longer supports new account creation. You can continue to use existing account." No explanation, no apology, just that bald statement.

All in all, an expensive upgrade that I would not have needed had my previous Netgear modem not started playing up, with dreadful download speeds.
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Netgear N750 - user friendly setup

Reviewed by Tray Ning,
4 of 5 stars 4 stars
All in all an easy to set-up and configure router / wireless point. I have a USB printer which is now shared using the ready share application on the router that took about 20 minutes to set up on WIn/OSx and smart devices.

Initially ISP connection kept dropping so tweaked the MTU and has been solid without any drop for over 40 days now as it was purchased to replace a BT Home HUB which had the same issue.
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Reviewed by Bill,
4 of 5 stars 4 stars
What's to say? Arrived in good time, worked out of the box. Just unplugged TalkTalk supplied Huawei router, plugged this one in & adjusted network names/Passwords to match & away we go. Wired connections faster - usual delay now is the source not my network. Wireless seems solid on 2.4 GHz band, not sure about and 5 GHz - only one device capable & that seems a little iffy. Looking forward to using the Usb port to share a drive & generally get my hands dirty.
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New firmware please!

Reviewed by Warlock,
3 of 5 stars 3 stars
Great router once it has been tweeked itll be the one to buy.
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