BT VDSL iPlate for FTTC & BT Infinity Fibre Broadband

Mfr# : ADSL-D048-VDSL
Quick : 13095

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Approved by BT Openreach, the BT VDSL iPlate for FTTC & BT Infinity Fibre Broadband is designed to plug into a standard NTE5 residential telephone socket and provide filtering for all connected telephone extensions within the home or office so that no additional microfilters are required. It can be installed without having to disconnect any previously installed extension wiring and connection of the Fibre Broadband VDSL modem to the FTTC Broadband is provided by the shuttered RJ45 socket on the front (top section) of the unit.

Key Features

  • Approved by BT Openreach for VDSL connections.
  • Designed for self install without need to disconnect existing extension wiring.
  • Filters all connected voice equipment so negating the need for microfilters.
  • Moulded from V0 rated material colour matched to BT 1P white.
  • Supplied with long length mounting screws.
Who can use the BT VDSL iPlate?
7 out of 10 UK homes that have Fibre broadband will benefit to some extent - that's approximately 1m Broadband lines. You must have a BT NTE5 type Master Socket (does your socket look like the picture below?).

To Fit Your BT VDSL iPlate
Simply unscrew the lower section of your BT master socket, fix the iPlate into the socket remaining on the wall, and then replace the lower section over the iPlate.

Please Note: This BT VDSL iPlate is suitable for all FTTC Fibre Broadband connections that have been installed by a certified BT engineer. It is not suitable for use with Virgin Media Fibre Broadband or any ADSL 2/2+ service.

Standard Warranty: 1-Year

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