Cisco RV042G Dual-WAN Load Balancing VPN Broadband Router
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Cisco RV042G Dual-WAN Load Balancing VPN Broadband Router

Brand : Cisco SMB
Mfr# : RV042G-K9-UK
Quick : 14113
£151.61 / £126.34 ex vat
3 of 5 stars 3 stars
A nice bit of kit but
Reviewed by Jon Groocock,
I bought this unit from Broadbandbuyer in June to replace the buggy draytek 2960.

Worked like a charm much improved performance than the draytek. However there is a big bug in the firmware that once you start using filtering rules in the firewall limits you to 100mb - minus overheads.

Not an issue if unless you're on virgin for example. Cisco have yet to fix the issue despite it being raised on their forums a year ago. So if you have Virgin cable 120mb look elsewhere or see if there's been a firmware update after july. Only gets three stars due to firmware issue.
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